You must have chosen your logo and have got it printed on your business card and marketing pamphlets. But, it doesn’t stop here. If you have the budget then invest in business signage. Here we describe the 7 most used business signages from around the world.

Business Signage by definition

Signage is the design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message. A signage also means signs collectively or being considered as a group. The term signage is documented to have been popularized in 1975 to 1980.


Wall Sign

If you have just started out. Then you should probably use this sign as it can be placed just outside your business location. You can also enhance these wall signs with lights shining from all angles. These wall signboards come in a variety of shapes. Chose the one that communicates the essence of your business.

Pylon Sign

Have you ever seen a Petrol station displaying its brand name and rate card below it for public on a huge tall structure? The concept of the Pylon Sign comes from that. These can be used not only for your logo but also to display an upcoming event or product launch. Which will make people come over and visit.


Sidewalk Sign

The name tells it all. These are signs that are portable and can be placed anywhere – inside office space, outside. Another benefit of using such Signboards is that they have 2 Side views to it. One Side could be a business logo and another side could have something that you are promoting or any message that you want to convey. Also, These signboards can be made by using different materials.

Roll-up Banners

These Signboards come in handy when you have offers on certain products, just like the famous “Black Friday” Sale. These types of offers can be put using this signage and it’s very cost-effective as the ink used for these doesn’t fade out easily. So you can easily use it for 5 years at a stretch or more depending on your usage.


Informational Sign

These are boards that you commonly find in schools, shopping centers, restaurants, and similar types of businesses depicting where the washroom, lifts, stairs, and fire exist. These are very cost-effective and customizable as per the nature of your business.

Vehicle graphics

This type of sign is a bit expensive as it can be just a graphic or it can be a short Video displaying your message with brand logo/product launch dates. You just need to choose the type of vehicle and the area where you want your brand awareness to spread. Moreover, where ever the vehicle goes your ads will run and people will eventually notice and come to your store.


Bonus Tip:

You either follow the DIY approach or outsource it. If, you decide to source it out do ask these questions.

  • Will assist in obtaining official permits?
  • Do you offer design services also?
  • What are the cost differences among materials selected?
  • What are the different sizes available?
  • Factors that determine your pricing?
  • Does additional colors or design elements affect my cost?
  • Does the company offer installation? or Is there an extra installation fee?
  • What maintenance and cleaning does this material require? At what cost?
  • Do you give any kind of warranty for installation or any mishaps that might happen to the sign?

In Conclusion

All of these business signs are extremely effective when designed and placed correctly. All that you need to do is contact us and we will take care of the rest – properly designing them and placing them rightly.


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