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Business Presentation

Our team will help you persuade key decision-makers with enhanced slides that are visual and easy to grasp.

  1. Is your PPT Service for a particular industry?

    We can help you with everything from ideation to post-production.

  2. Are you able to create under our corporate brand rules, which are extremely strict?

    Absolutely! Our presentation designers thoughtfully use photographs, animations, and other visuals.

  3. We’re dealing with highly confidential information. Will my information be kept private?

    Yes, we appreciate the secret nature of enterprises and follow a strong confidentiality policy. We are willing to sign your company’s NDA as well.


  1. Type of software you use?

    Our Favourite tools are – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, PowerPoint, and Corel Draw

  2. Why to chose you?

    We create brand-specific infographics that are simple to understand and interactive.

  3. Would you be able to incorporate the design into any other software?

    Yes! We can, Once access is provided

Logo Designs

  1. By, When will we get the final logo?

    The final delivery will be based on the number of adjustments made on each stage.

  2. How many different logos do you propose?

    Ideally, there are 3 different variants based upon the creative brief shared.

  3. What type of files will be provided?

    Once the Logo is finished, you will get:

    • CMYK Version
    • White / Black (Pure) Variants
    • RGB Version
    • Favicon
    • Logo Guideline (only upon request)

  4. Who is the copyright holder?

    Once you receive the final copy, you hold the copyright. And, we reserve the right to display your logo in our portfolio.

  5. Do you Manage the printing on the stationery?

    Yes. We can! But, there will be a added print management fee to the project. Or, if you already use and have trusted online printers we can send you ready-to-print files.

Email Marketing

  1. How long will it take for the final design to be completed?

    We will share 2 unique design options. Once, a design is opted. Within three working days, you will receive your first proof.

  2. What is your coding style?

    We specialize in HTML coding that adheres to Web 3.0 standards.

  3. What kind of photographs will be used?

    If you have any photographs you’d like to use in your newsletter, please do share it. Alternatively, we can utilize a stock image if necessary.

WordPress Website

  1. How much does it cost for designing a website?

    You can call us or write to us and share your requirements, and we’ll quote you accordingly.

  2. Do you also provide website maintenance services after the completion of the website?

    Yes, we do.

  3. Are the websites, designed by you, SEO-friendly?

    Our websites are 100% responsive, user-friendly, technically sound, and SEO-friendly. We provide SEO services after the completion of the website.

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