Google Site Kit is an official plugin for WordPress. It’s a one-stop solution for all the google tools required to run a website successfully. Keep reading to know what tools have been included in the kit, and how does it help you and your website.

Google Site Kit

So, if you are a website owner, developer, an agency. All can take advantage of this kit – it is easy to set up, a dashboard displaying easy-to-read stats, and metrics to the entire website.

A description of all the tools available with Google Site Kit may be seen below:

Google Search Console

The Search console includes many features that enable you to monitor the performance of your website. You can see which queries are bringing people to your website.

Because this information is critical for SEO, Site Kit includes it by default. If you find this type of information useful or interesting for your site, you can find even more in Google Search Console’s full version.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics section of Site Kit will provide you with more information about where different users came from. What countries send you visitors? Did they come from a search, a link somewhere else, or did they go straight to your site by typing a URL into their browser? And what devices are they using to access your website: desktop or mobile?

When you install Site Kit, it will automatically add Search Console and Google Analytics. The remaining tools are optional, and you can connect them in the backend of your WordPress site by going to Site Kit > Settings.

Google AdSense

If you have a website, you probably want to make money from it. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to enable AdSense, Google’s advertising service. This allows Google to display relevant ads on your pages. And if people click on them, you’ll be compensated.

When you use AdSense, you can easily track the performance of your advertising with Site Kit.

Google PageSpeed

Do you want Google to rank your pages high? Then you must ensure that they load quickly for your users. When you enable PageSpeed Insights in Google Site Kit, you’ll be able to see how your homepage performs for real users who visit your site. Is there anything important that could be improved? If there are, you’ll receive helpful recommendations to help you make your site load faster and more smoothly.

To get the most out of this tool, you’ll probably need some developer skills or technical SEO knowledge.

Google Tag Manager

Tag Manager is a tool for creating marketing tags that allow you to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You probably don’t need these if you don’t do any marketing. However, if you do, tags allow you to track what works (and what doesn’t). That stuff can be quite technical to set up, so if you’re not an expert, Tag Manager is a great solution. Site Kit can assist you in getting everything set up from your site’s backend.


You can easily set up Optimize and run tests on your site with Site Kit. You can also use Optimize in conjunction with Google Analytics to identify areas for improvement and track the progress of your adjustments. Additionally, if you utilize AdSense, you may use Optimize to improve the effectiveness of your ads.

To Download Site Kit by Google, click here. For more information, visit the official Site Kit website.


1. Is the Site kit free?

It is an open-source program.

Minimum requirement to run Site kit

Your site must meet the following requirements:

  • WordPress version 4.7+
  • PHP version 5.6+
  • Modern browser – Internet Explorer is not supported
  • It isn’t in maintenance mode, accessible only via password, or otherwise blocked
  • REST API is available – Site Kit must be able to interface with Google services through the REST API. Go to Tools > Site Health to see if the REST API is available for your site.

Is Site Kit GDPR compliant?

Site owners are responsible for managing notice and consent requirements, including GDPR standards, as outlined in Google’s Terms of Service when utilizing Site Kit. When the Google Analytics module is enabled, Site Kit anonymizes IP addresses by default.

Site Kit not displaying any ads after AdSense connection

If you connect via Site Kit and are new to AdSense, the AdSense team will need to manually examine and authorise your new AdSense account and site for ads. Ads will not appear until your site and account have been approved.

Go to Settings > Connected Services > AdSense and select “Check your site status” to check your approval status in Site Kit. This link will take you to the AdSense website. Once you find “ready” in the status that means Your account and site have been approved and should be seeing adverts.

Try Goole Site Kit for yourself

By now you must have got the basics of what Site Kit is and what it can do. Go ahead and install the plugin and get to know the tools yourself. It could really help you improve your site, so give it a try.


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