It’s very true that when you ask someone to recall a logo, the very first thing that is associated with the logo is its brand color.

Hence, choosing the right color for your brand becomes even very important. Sometimes, you may feel frustrated by doing some math for color matching and testing it out.


Have you ever visited a paint shop, then you must have noticed that you are handed a book showcasing different color variations? Now, that kind of book is the best example of a Pantone swatch book.

An RGB is for digital display – colors that you see on your monitors, laptop, mobiles, etc… While the colors that you see from a printer are different from RGB. A printer uses CMYK or Pantone color code.

* If you try to find an equivalent of an RGB color in CMYK, you will experience a nightmare. Hence, we always verify your color scheme before starting the work.

Pantone is a resource with hundreds of print colors, and it doesn’t matter where you are printing from as the result will be the same. The reason is, that most the printers worldwide follow the Pantone Matching System(PMS).

CMYK or Pantone

Pantone color looks dull compared to RGB and CMYK. The reason is that “they are in the form of premixed ink” but colors such as neon or metal can be easily obtained. And are certainly expensive. So, if the client has a large budget then chose the Pantone color system or else work with the CMYK color system.

You could make yourself a bridge book for finding equivalent colors in CMYK. Which will look very similar while printing and maintaining brand consistency.

Orange brand hex, RGB, CMYK and Pantone® (PMS) color codes

Hex code #FF7900
RGB values (255, 121, 0)
CMYK values (0, 53, 100, 0)*
Pantone® 151
* We think that these values are the closest ones. Let us know if you find a better alternative.

Testing your Brand Color

Even after choosing a Pantone color or equivalent CMYK color. The outcomes may vary depending upon the type of paper finish, printing method, and place from which you chose to print. We suggest that you get proof before rolling out the material.

Web Colors

Now, If you just write down the color name, chances are there that you might not get the same color as equivalent to other color codes that you have used for print. Therefore, always use hexadecimal code to ensure consistency alternatively you could search for web-safe colors.


Points to Remember

  • Let’s try to Keep the brand color consistent across both digital and print is crucial for brand recognition.
  • Always provide the client with a brand guideline to educate them, as the guidelines are not just for designers only. Even, the client should know when to use a particular file.
  • One last thing, there is no perfect solution for color consistency. Either, use a Pantone swatch book or create a custom grid view of the color you opt for can review the colors by testing.


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